Preventing and Healing AIDS through our Inner Pharmacy


Roberto Giraldo

104 pages
Translated to: Portuguese and Spanish

Preventing and Healing AIDS through our Inner Pharmacy” is the title of a new book by Roberto Giraldo, M.D. Informed by the author’s experience treating seropositive individuals from every continent and including 298 scientific references, the book explains the fundamental role of the personality and the individual’s emotional and sentimental life in the genesis of AIDS and in its prevention and healing.

The volume includes an amazing Foreword written by Psychoanalyst Cláudia B.S. Pacheco, President of the international association “STOP the destruction of the world.” This book should be read by all those interested in any form of immunological illness and by anyone who is concerned with the future of the human species and our planet.


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Fear of Microbes Originates from Pasteur’s Incorrect Theories – Program 252 from STOP Project / Projeto STOP on Vimeo.

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