The ABC of Analytical Trilogy: Integral Psychoanalysis


Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco

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The ABC of Analytical Trilogy: Integral Psychoanalysis

1st edition 1988
152 pages

This book is a comprehensive explanation of the trilogy which unifies science, philosophy and spirituality.

Written in simple everyday language, the author explains the fundamental principles of Analytical Trilogy, a unique methodology created by Norberto Keppe.

Analytical Trilogy studies the psychological roots of illness in individuals and society and treats them through a therapeutic model in individual and group psychoanalysis. Analytical Trilogy is also being successfully applied in language learning, in cooperative living arrangements and in employee owned enterprises.

Available in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Finnish, and Russian.

This post is also available in: German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Finnish

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