The Modern Relevance of God: A Scientific Exploration of Spirituality (ePub)


Cláudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco
Richard Lloyd Jones

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Cláudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco
Richard Lloyd Jones

ISBN – 978-65-5789-082-0
124 pages

Book synopsis:
Victor Frankl talked about man’s search for meaning, and he declared that this was to be found in overcoming oneself, giving oneself to a cause, or even to another in love. He speculated that being truly human meant being directed to something or someone other than ourselves. He called this the self-transcendence of human existence” and witnessed it frequently, even in the depths of despair that was Auschwitz. But perhaps the transcendence we’re seeking is something more than just moving beyond ourselves. Maybe we’re on a search for something, not other than ourselves, but greater than ourselves Something to believe in certainly, but also something to explain our existence and all this magnitude we live inside. And for this, we need a science that includes theology; we can’t get there through apps or economics. We need that wisdom that plumbs the depths of human experience to find the answers to the questions, not just more questions. The Modern Relevance of God provides answers to the existential questions we all ask in our struggles to make sense of the world. Based on the science of Analytical Trilogy developed by psychoanalysts, Norberto R. Keppe and Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco, this book presents a scientific understanding of spirituality that is both provocative and profound. The book is a production of the Department of Theology of the Keppe & Pacheco College, an international educational institution that incorporates the comprehensive science of Analytical Trilogy in all its inspired courses.


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