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ABC of Analytical Trilogy - Online Course

Welcome to Integral Healing Online Course I – The ABCs of Analytical Trilogy

The science that has changed the lives of thousands all over the world!

Now it can help you to improve your self-awareness, health, relationships and professional performance.

Welcome to the first truly therapeutic course on the Web. The Integral Healing Online courses have been scientifically designed from the latest psychotherapeutic findings to help you develop in all areas of your life.

Course objectives:

- deal better with stress and difficult situations
- treat the issues that stop you from feeling better and happier
- develop better and healthier relationships
- improve your physical, emotional and psychological health
- attain development in all areas of your life

Discover practical answers to these questions:

- Why do we get sick and how do we truly cure ourselves?
- Why is it so difficult to do what is good and necessary?
- Why do some people annoy us more than others and how do we deal with them?
- Why at times does nothing seem to go right in our lives?
- How can we understand the influence of God and other spiritual forces in our lives?
- At the end of the day, what is the purpose of our lives?

This course is based on the landmark science of Analytical Trilogy developed by psychoanalyst Norberto Keppe. Trilogy represents the unification of the 3 essential fields of the human being:

1) Spirituality or theology; 
2) Reason or philosophy, 
3) Action or science.

This course is interactive and is supported by highly trained teachers in Analytical Trilogy (or Integral Psychoanalysis).

This is a unique opportunity to better understand both yourself and the society you live in.

One more thing … in doing this profound online course, you will be helping to build a better world in which to live!

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