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Healing Through Consciousness Theomania: The Cause of Stress

Based on clinical observations and extensive bibliographical research, the author, a psychoanalyst, shares her unique observations about the mind-body connection. Stress taxes the immune system and makes us sick. But the worst stress comes not from outside.  [...]

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Women on the Couch: An Analysis of Female Psychopathology

This uniquely perceptive and clear-cut scientific evaluation of today’s woman analyzes the social and psychological reality of women and their struggle for true liberation. The book is based on the author’s first-hand experience with hundreds of clinical cases and reveals, in practical terms [...]

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The American Drug Multinacional -

Our intention in releasing this dossier is to make the world fully aware of the dangers created by the manipulative individuals who are pulling the strings of the international drug trafficking industry. Our deep desire is to communicate to all humanity  [...]

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The ABC of Analytical Trilogy: Integral Psychoanalysis

This book is a comprehensive explanation of the trilogy which unifies science, philosophy and spirituality. Written in simple everyday language, the author explains the fundamental principles of Analytical Trilogy  [...]

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The ABC of the New Physics

This book was born out of the necessity to explain in the simplest words possible the content of Norberto Keppe’s book, The New Physics. In this profound and extraordinary book, Dr. Keppe analyzes the mistakes [...]

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Revealing the Power of Consciousness

Get into a profound journey into the Trilogical science developed by Norberto R. Keppe. If you’ve ever wondered why things seem to be going so wrong on our beautiful planet and what you need to learn improve it [...]

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