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The Universe of the Spirits

Norberto R. Keppe

174 pages
Available now for immediate download

“My intention is to lay the cards on the table with respect to the human being, who is on the brink of destroying the planet without understanding why. I am talking about the enormous influence we receive from the spiritual universe, both good and pernicious.”

With those potent words, Brazilian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Dr. Norberto Keppe, leads us into a world few have wanted to know.

Keppe’s purpose, however, is not to shock or strike fear – although his book contains much that is provocative. Rather he seeks to make us aware of the vast influence the shadowy world of the spirits has on us and our social structures. And awareness, Keppe emphasizes, is our greatest – in fact, our only – weapon in the spiritual conflict humankind has been waging (mostly unknowingly) for millennia.

Richly illustrated with examples from more than 50 years of clinical practice, this book takes us deep into a world most of us ignore, and ignore at our peril – the Universe of the Spirits.

The Universe of the Spirits explores:

  •          How true human life is more transcendental than sensorial (or corporeal)

  •          The Holy Trinity and the influence of the good spirits in human life

  •          Psychological Inversion – the human being’s mortal pact with evil

  •          Spiritual pathology and its relationship to human psycho- and socio-pathology

  •          How Keppe provides the missing link between the spiritual and physical worlds

  •          How the science of psycho-socio-pathology can exorcise the planet and liberate the human being

  •          Spiritual influences in our day-to-day existence

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